The Pointbreak

bed: 2    bath: 2    sq ft: 1,280    year built: 1984

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6410 Sunset Avenue #A & #B is a short-term rental home in Panama City, FL. The Pointbreak is a duplex that is only three blocks away from the beach. Each side contains a one bedroom and one bathroom open layout. The kitchen has a nice sized breakfast bar and the backyard is fenced in. The property is located in a booming area and is a perfect vacation rental. For design and furnishing on this property we have partnered with Techvestor, a team comprised of highly rated superhosts & experts in rehab, design and furnishing to maximize revenue and ensure a top-of-the-line experience for guests as soon as they enter the home.


  • Two separate units for privacy, can be rented together or separate

  • Beach accessories

  • 5 min drive to beach access

Address: 6410 Sunset Avenue #A & #B, Panama City, FL 32408

Property Management Partner

Preparing a home for the short term rental market is a multi-tiered process that begins as soon as the property is acquired. Our experienced investment team works closely with the local property managers to get it show-ready, determine optimal market rent, take high-quality photos and videos, market the rental through various online and offline channels, screen and thoroughly vet tenant applications, and finalize the lease terms. Below you can find more information regarding this offering's property management partner and the expected rent-ready date.

Roseus Hospitality

Roseus is redefining hospitality within the vacation home rental market. Through exemplary guest service standards, Roseus Hospitality Group offers owners and guests the service experienced at a luxury hotel for over 40 properties in several Florida markets. With administrative background from both Disney & Universal hospitality groups, it’s no wonder Roseus maintains ratings of 4.8 and 4.9 on Airbnb and VRBO respectively. Personalized service, adaptability, and socially-conscious management elevate Roseus from its peers and cements its status as the Modern Mark of Hospitality™. Additionally, a portion of all rental proceeds is donated to a local charity allowing our owners and guests to vacation for good.

  • Rent-Ready Date

    December 2022

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    The economy of the local city and market will dictate the potential returns of an investment. In general, some markets see high appreciation of home values, some have higher cash flow (dividends), and some have a mix of the two.

    Panama City, FL

    Panama City Beach was ranked #2 in Tripadvisor's “Emerging Destination” in the world by Tripadvisor's Travelers Choice 2021. Home to 27 miles of beautiful white sand beaches, with two beachfront state parks, 100 public beach access points, and 320 days of Florida sunshine a year, it’s no wonder why PCB has become a top destination for people around the world.

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    Financing: 42%

    Interest Rate: 6.625%

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    5-15 years

    Arrived AUM Fee (Quarterly)

    • Purchase Price: 0.125% of the property purchase price (quarterly)

    • Gross Rents Fee: 5% of Gross Rents

    Property Management Fees (Roseus Hospitality)

    • Gross Rents Fee: 15% (up to 20% depending on the performance of the property)

    • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: Included in the use of proceeds listed above when our property manager partners assist in the furnishing and property update process.

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